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Lacoste "Timeless"

Fashion advertising is typically emotionless, and maybe sometimes stilted. Visuals mostly drive these, and of course, they are as fashion is all about visuals. But sometimes it can capture a feeling, maybe even one that is outside of a provocative or sexually charged tone. 

As a follow up to 2014's "Life Is Beautiful - The Big Leap" spot (which racked up 60 million views and received more than 35 awards), Lacoste just launched "Timeless." The video carries the same themes of romance, daring, and chance taking. This time the video goes beyond a single scenario. Via a train journey, a young couple experience love at first sight, and as they cross paths they seamlessly travel through different periods of time ranging from the '30s to modern day. Just as with the 2014 spot, the young man pursues the woman and makes the physical leap hoping to find her. And along the way, the ad accomplishes to convey a message that Lacoste is dateless.

The ad, created by the same creative team as "The Big Leap," is a great update to the theme. This version is much more cinematic with its period settings and costumes (think Merchant Ivory). Max Richter's moody "November" track heightens the suspense and is a perfect choice.

Lacoste is a shoe in comes the advertising awards season, and a few fashion brands can learn something from them. Maybe a story isn't such a bad idea. Watch the clip below, as well as the making of the film. 

Ad Agency : BETC Paris

Executive Creative Director : Remi Babinet

Creative Director: Antoine Choque

Art Director: Aurelie Scalabre

Director: Seb Edwards

Music: Max Richter
As a refresher, the original 2014 spot.

Ad Agency : BETC Paris

Executive Creative Director: Rémi Babinet

Creative Director: Antoine Choque

Art Director: Damien Bellon, Gabrielle Attia

Director: Seb Edwards

Music: Flume

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