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Best Creative Presentations Women S'18

These are the best and most creative presentations of Women S'18.
Who needs waterfalls when all you need are twins? The presentation felt like a scene out of The Shining. Models came out in pairs and holding hands while wearing designs similar in silhouette. With the dark and childlike music, it was a simple idea that made this so memorable - albeit moderately disturbing. 
Saint Laurent
An outdoor show with the twinkling Eiffel Tower as a backdrop. The best Parisian prop in the world. And Anthony Vaccarello’s collection was one the best of the season.
Opening Ceremony 
This wasn’t a presentation, but a performance and a story. "Oscar award-winning director Spike Jonze debuted Changers, A Dancy Story—a multi-layered ensemble, comprised of acting, writing, dance, poetry, and different sonic variations that fully utilize the experimental venue’s forte. Changers tells a story of the evolution of romance and relationships with a narrative told not through words, but through movement. As the show only runs for five days, we present a portfolio devoted to relationships (think of it like a companion piece) photographed by Brigitte Lacombe. As history has shown, we’re big fans of switching up things during fashion week—this year our editorial featuring the collection was no different. Instead of models, we enlisted the stars of Changers, longtime friends, family, and those closest to us, to bear their soul on the ups and downs of relationships." - Opening Ceremony
Gareth Pugh 
Who needs a runway when there is film? There was no presentation, just a very elaborate video and it was the best fashion film of the season, directed by Nick Knight in collaboration with artist Olivier de Sagazan, with Mr. Pugh as part of the show. Mildly disturbing but highly memorable. The clothes show up about halfway through. Each material type is given a unique cinematic direction. The flame prints just come alive as worn by dancers.
Takeovers of a public space is not a new concept, but effective nevertheless. Dumitrascu had what New Yorkers might call an "outlaw fashion show” at the Rambuteau station in Paris - a fashion flash mob if you will.

A post shared by DUMITRASCU (@dumitrascultd) on Sep 30, 2017 at 4:53am PDT

A post shared by DUMITRASCU (@dumitrascultd) on Oct 4, 2017 at 4:52am PDT

A post shared by DUMITRASCU (@dumitrascultd) on Oct 5, 2017 at 10:15am PDT

Moncler & Thom Browne, and a few Ballerinas
Both shows combined the traditional runway shows with performance. Moncler had disco ballerinas, while Them Browne had artists playing sleeping twins, unicorns, and creatures from a different planet.
And yes Chanel continues to become the leading theme park, this time with a waterfall.
Many will argue that the Versace supermodel closing was "the" moment this season. It was. But the point is to highlight how brands and creatives are finding ways to push themselves in expression. Gareth Pugh may not have had more views, but his vision is certainly thought provoking beyond Instagram bait.

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