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Adidas Originals by Hender Scheme

From the website: "Adidas Originals by Hender Scheme was born out of the exploration of the relationship of performance and lifestyle footwear. Hender Scheme takes iconic Adidas Originals silhouettes from their past and present and through attention to detail, and meticulous design creates a collection which unites them - transcending eras and celebrating artisanal practice in footwear design and execution."

About Hender Scheme: "A Japanese footwear and accessories label based in Tokyo, Japan founded by designer Ryo Kashiwazaki in 2010. Hender Scheme is notable for reproducing popular sneaker models, such as Nike’s Air Force 1 and Air Jordan IV, entirely by hand in premium leather as part of its Manual Industrial Products (MIP) line. Aside from sneakers, Hender Scheme also produces an array of high-quality handcrafted leather accessories such as belts, bucket hats, folios, laptop sleeves, notebooks, and keychains. Kashiwazaki has explained his motive, intending for the leather reproductions as an antithesis against the mass-produced nature of sneakers by handcrafting them, as well as opposing the throwaway culture surrounding shoes with the unique aging properties of leather."

There are three styles: $900 for the Superstar HS silhouette, $950 for the Micropacer HS, and $1,000 for the NMD R1.
The line is comprised of various neutral tones, and the advertising captures this in a graphical and way that mimics the palette. What is compelling about the creative approach to the images, the avoidance of stereotypical performance images and focus on color and geometric form. They take direction from the unexpected - visuals of architecture, dance, and beauty advertising. The pictures are active and sensual without being obvious.


Shop: Mr. Porter

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